How to watch Disney Plus from Japan

There are many foreigners who are staying in Japan and would like to watch Disney Plus in the US from Japan. the Japanese version of Disney+ is quite different from the US version of Disney+ in terms of service content.

You may be wondering, “How can I watch the US version of Disney+ from Japan?“. In conclusion, you can watch the US version of Disney+ comfortable from your location in Japan. This article explains in simple terms how to watch the US version of Disney+.



Differences between US and Japan of Disney+.

Disney+ was launched in November 2019 in the U.S., and in June 2020 in Japan. You can watch not only Disney movies, but also Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic movies, and the number of paying members has now surpassed a whopping 100 million worldwide!

The Japanese version of Disney+ is provided by Walt Disney Japan and NTT DoCoMo, and the content of the service is quite different from the U.S. version of Disney+.
The main differences are as follows

Not compatible with 4K HDR
Not compatible with 5.1ch and Dolby Atmos
Requires docomo d-account for contract and payment
Not compatible with game devices such as PlayStation,
Not compatible with group watch function

Note: On October 27, 2021, the above problem has been mostly remedied.

From October 27, 2021, the same service content will be available in Japan as in the U.S. home country. However, if you apply in Japan, the display-language will be Japanese as below, which may be inconvenient for foreign residents.

if you apply from Japan, the display-language will be Japanese.

Currently, there does not seem to be a function to change the display-language. If you need English language-display, you still need to apply for the American version of Disney Plus.

How to watch the US version of Disney+ from Japan

The steps to apply for and watch the American version of Disney+ are as follows

(1) Access the US Disney+ site with a VPN
(2) Apply normally from the official site
(3) You can now watch the US version of Disney+


VPN is a technology that can protect your privacy by encrypting your online communications. You can protect your privacy by not worrying about your online activities being spied upon.

You can also use a VPN to access web services that have access restrictions based on country or region, since it makes your actual IP address private and acts as if you are connecting from a different IP address. There are both free and paid VPN apps available, but this article introduces the paid apps (because free VPN apps are useless for overseas video streaming).

Accessing the US version of Disney+ website

Have you ever visited the US version of the Disney+ website from Japan?
Try typing the U.S. version of the site URL “” into your browser.

The URL is also switched to ““.

This is because they knows from the IP address that you are accessing the site from Japan.

The Japanese version of the Disney Plus website will appear.

If you can make it so that your access would be recognized as coming from within the US, you can access the US site even if you are in Japan. This problem can be easily solved by using a VPN app.

ExpressVPN is the No.1 VPN app in terms of performance and reliability, and the following article explains how to get and use it in detail. It’s a paid app, but it meets the requirements for ease of connection, speed, and safety at a high level. This is a standard app that allows you to watch streaming videos from overseas in a stable manner.

Once you have obtained “ExpressVPN” by referring to the above article, select a city in the U.S. as the VPN location. (*For more information on how to use ExpressVPN, please refer to the above article.

After making your selection, click the Connect button. In a few seconds, the message ” Connected” will be displayed.

Without the VPN, automatically redirected to the Japanese site, but typed in the US site URL” in the same way, and this time, the US site was displayed thanks to the VPN! It’s so easy to connect!

You can apply from this official page. But, you will see a blue button that says “GET THE DISNEY BUNDLE“. This is the “Disney Bundle” a package plan that allows you to watch three services (Disney+/Hulu/ESPN+) for $13.99/month.

If you only want to watch Disney+, you need to sign up from “Sign up for Disney+ only“. The price is $7.99 per month / $79.99 per year. The annual plan will save you 2 months.

How to apply for the US version of Disney+

Click on “Sign up for Disney+ only” to enter your email address. Check the box below it if you agree to receive future Disney+ related emails.

If you agree to the privacy policy and terms and conditions, click “AGREE & CONTINUE“.

When the following screen appears, set a password (at least 6 digits, including letters, numbers, and special characters). Click “Continue“.

The following screen appears, and select whether you want to pay monthly or annually. The payment method is either credit card or PayPal

You probably not be able to see the annual plan option as shown above at first.
In that case, go to (see below) and click on the Disney+ only plan, and you will be taken to a
page where you can choose between monthly and yearly plans.

If you don’t see the annual plan option, go to this page.

When the payment is completed and the following screen appears, click on “START STYREAMING DISNEY+” and the top screen of DISNEY+ should appear!

The top screen of the DISNEY+ service is now displayed. Now you can watch the US version of Disney+ on your Mac or PC. Let’s enjoy it to the fullest!

Installing the U.S. version of the Disney+ app

Once you are able to watch the US version of Disney+ on your PC or Mac, you will want to do the same on your phone or tablet. With the mobile app, that you can download video data for offline playback.

US version of the Disney+ app

If you are logged in to the App Store with your US Apple ID, you will find the US version of the app without any problems..

When finish downloading the US Disney+ app, try launching the app once.

Normally, You will see the Japanese version of the login screen. However, you can also use ExpressVPN. Then, you will see the US version of the login screen properly. All you have to do is log in with your registered email address and password.

If you can log in, you’ll see an app screen like this. The user interface is cool and exciting. You can also download videos, so you can enjoy them offline even when you don’t have Wi-Fi.

Now, if only I could watch the US version of Disney+ on your smart TV (Andriod TV) at home, it would be perfect. The way to do this is the same as the smartphone app above: install the VPN app on your TV , connect to the US, and you can watch Disney Plus on your big screen TV at home!